Resurfacing Serum I


This effective topical serum rejuvenates the skin, clears congested pores, lightens pigmentation and reduces fine lines. Due to the active nature of this product, it must be used with the following guidelines:
*Begin with Resurfacing Serum Lite
*Follow this schedule to avoid excessive dryness or any irritation
Weeks 1 & 2, use two times during the week in your night routine(eg. Tuesday and Friday).
Weeks 3 & 4, use every other night.
Weeks 5 & beyond, can use every night. Reduce to every other night if any dryness or irritation occurs.
*Always wear SPF during the day.

Key Ingredients:
Retinyl Propionate- Increases cell turnover to reduce visible signs of aging and hyperpigmentation, while stimulating collagen.
Niacinamide- Improves skin textured tone, reduces pore size appearance, balances oil production, diminishes dullness, softens fine lines.
Peptides- Plump skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin resiliency and strength.
Lactic Acid- Brightening and hydrating.
Kojic Acid- Lightens visible sun damage, age spots and scars.