At KB Beauty, we treat acne a little differently than you may be used to. We take a holistic approach, to achieve lifelong clarity without depending upon prescription medications. To reach your skin goals, using the products recommended by your aesthetician is necessary, and there may be some minor lifestyle adjustments suggested. We like all our guests to be aware before beginning these treatments that acne can take go days, sometimes longer, to fully clear. Our protocols and products have achieved unmatched results, so rest assured: you’re in good hands!

Acne Consultation & Treatment


Schedule this for your first acne treatment appointment with us. We deep dive into your at-home products, lifestyle, diet, birth control, and more to help pinpoint the root cause of your acne. You’ll go home with a packet of information to help guide you after completing a full acne treatment.

Acne Treatment


Acne Treatments both treat surface breakouts and help speed up the process of working underlying congestion to the surface. These treatments include double cleansing, enzyme exfoliation with steam, extractions with high frequency, LED Light Therapy, and finish with a specially-formulated Chemical Peel. There may or may not be some dryness or peeling following these treatments for a few days.

Acne Treatment Series


An intensive acne bootcamp. Includes 1 Acne Consultation & Treatment and 5 additional Acne Treatments to be scheduled biweekly. Receive 15% off all home skincare products while participating in this package of treatments. This is the best way to ensure success!

Acne Back Treatment


Our acne treatment, but for the back! We use stronger products and recommend different home care for this more resilient area.



Some clinical treatments like HydroFacial and Oxy-Glow do not include Dermaplaning. Add it on for a reduced price!

LED Light Therapy


LED light therapy is a painless, relaxing, non-invasive skincare treatment that has multiple benefits: stimulating collagen, treating acne, healing, calming inflammation and brightening tone. Perfect for all skin types and conditions, this service can be added to any treatment.



Most treatments include our customized hydrojelly mask, but select this option to add increased hydration and relaxation to our Instant Radiance Treatment, Dermaplaning, or Microdermabrasion treatments.

Photodynamic Acne Therapy


A Nano Infusion of ALA-13 and blue light LED light therapy combine to help resolve breakouts and regulate oil production in the skin.

Stem Cell Infusion


A Nano Infusion of placenta stem cells and 24k gold to promote collagen synthesis and skin repair, matrixyl and snap-8 peptides to diminish expression lines, and ferulic acid to wipe away free radicals.

Belly Jelly Mask


Add a hydrojelly mask to a prenatal facial to give your bump a little TLC. This mask soothes itching and infuses nutrients and moisture into this vulnerable, stretching skin.

Lip Treatment


Exfoliate, infuse, treat, and hydrate to help with chapped, dry lips. A sugar scrub gently exfoliates, hyaluronic acid is nano infused, and a hydrojelly mask seals it all in. Finished with a hydrating lip product, this service also gives a plumping effect.

Balancing Nano Infusion


Our nano pen infuses CBD serum deeply into the skin to help reduce the symptoms of acne, rosacea, and aging.