What service should I book if I'm not sure what my skin needs?

There are two options that we recommend for our first-time guests, depending on if you’re seeking a relaxing spa facial or a more clinical, result-focused treatment. Our Custom Facial offers a rejuvenating, well-rounded service in a spa environment. Your aesthetician will fully analyze your skin and tailor this treatment to your needs. The second option for an introductory service is the Oxy-Glow Treatment. Performed in a more clinical environment, this treatment offers superior results for all skin types. Still not sure? Start with a Consultation.

Can I receive advanced treatments on my first visit?

Our advanced treatments like Microneedling, Chemical Peels, Derm Perfection, and even sometimes Dermaplaning require the skin to be prepared in order to avoid an adverse reaction. It is best to have an introductory service and develop a treatment plan with your aesthetician prior to these services.

Will one treatment offer me exceptional and permanent results?

We wish! While one treatment will rejuvenate, brighten and stimulate cell turnover, consistency is key to developing true change in the skin. At-home skincare is as important as in-office treatments for achieving your skin goals. At KB Beauty, results are our priority and we’ll design customized treatment plans and skin care regimens just for you.