Multitasking Gel Cleanser


This cleanser does it all! Gently exfoliate, improve moisture levels, protect the microbiome, reduce pore congestion and defend against pollution and sun damage with this hard working product.

Key Ingredients:
Lactic Acid- Removes surface proteins to brighten, improves the skin’s natural water uptake for hydration and the natural renewal process, naturally moisturizing.
Mangosteen- Contains the highest level of antioxidants compared to other fruits, prevents inflammation, defends against premature aging and damage.
Yogurt Extract- Probiotic, naturally exfoliates and provides hydrating benefits.
Black and White Willow Bark- Natural form of salicylic acid, clarifies the pores and helps to reduce congestion.
Moringa Seed Extract- Purifies, defends against environmental and pollution damage.