KB Beauty Studios’ Aestheticians specialize in specialty skin care treatments, spa facials, lash services and waxing. If you’re unsure of what service is best for you please call us at (414) 367-2224.
Our staff is more than happy to help answer any of your questions and schedule your appointment.

Waxing – Brow Shaping

Brow waxing and shaping.


Waxing – Full Face

Waxing of brows, upper lip, chin and sideburns.


Waxing – Lips

Hair removal on the upper lip.


Waxing – Chin

Hair removal on the chin.


Waxing – Sideburns

Hair removal of side burns area.


Waxing – Underarms

Hair removal of the underarms.


Waxing – Full Arms

Hair removal of arms, from fingers to shoulder.


Waxing – Half Arms

Hair removal of arms, from fingers to just above the elbow.


Waxing – Full Legs

Hair removal of legs, from toes to hip.


Waxing – Half Legs

Hair removal of legs, from toes to just above the knees.


Waxing – Chest

Hair removal of chest and stomach.


Waxing – Stomach

Hair removal of stomach area.


Waxing – Back

Hair removal of full back and shoulders.


Waxing – Bikini

Hair removal of bikini area, disposable bikini bottom provided.


Waxing – Brazilian

For females only.


The Pretty Kitty

This service includes a full Brazilian wax, gentle enzyme exfoliation with steam, extraction of ingrown hairs, high frequency to prevent future ingrowns and a jelly mask to soothe and hydrate. For females only.


Waxing – Nose

Hair removal inside the nostrils.