The Acne + Rosacea Starter Kit


Reduce redness and breakouts, while calming the skin with this comprehensive kit! Acne Rosacea is characterized by facial blushing that flares up with spicy foods, alcohol, temperature extremes, sun and wind, exercise, and/or extreme emotions coupled with breakouts. This kit is best for those who’ve received a medical diagnosis of this condition and would not like to use prescriptives; it includes:

Nourishing Milk Cleanser
ABC-Detoxifying Toner
Detoxifying Serum
Correcting Cream 2.8%
Restoring Cream
Ultimate Protection SPF 28
Instructions for use:

* Use sunscreen everyday, regardless of activities, for best results.
* Take this kit to the next level by incorporating Hydrating Serum or Harmonizing Hydration Gel as a second serum.
* Always follow the instructions for acclimating your skin to Correcting Cream included in your kit.
* Utilize the Refresh by KB Beauty Ice Roller to calm redness and reduce inflammation.

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